Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Collection of Antique Jimmy Siahaan

There is no view of the outside of the house interesting look at the legacy of the Netherlands in Lt. Suprapto No. 11, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, on Thursday mid-August. However, after entering into the inside, the eye was struck by the different types of antiques.

Various household furniture made of wood, communication tools, electronic and other goods to hundreds of years old, can still be seen. That's not all. "In my house in Jakarta, there are many more," said Ir Jimmy Siahaan MCP, the owner of the antique.

The whole antiques belonging to Jimmy, almost all parts of the packed house. Sangkin number, Jimmy was not remember the numbers. "But if something is missing, I would know," said Jimmy Siahaan.

Hobby of collecting antiques in the liver retired Civil Servant is very large. When you have love, said Jimmy, although there is no money, debt so.

So no wonder, this male figure among collectors and fans of antiques in the country, especially in the city of Medan, is no stranger. In fact, a number of important people in the city of Medan, hooked to the collection, to be willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars.

Although much interested in buying collections, Jimmy did not make his home like an antiques dealer shop. "I do not open. If most of privacy could interfere, eventually interfere, "he said.

Hobby of collecting antiques, actually started work at Jimmy, while still architecture student at the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) since 1972 ago.

As a child overseas are extra cautious in spending, he choseto buy the furniture in the room needs kostnya from flea market in Bandung.

"It was the first time I bought," Jimmy said as he showed a unique swivel chair made of wood.

Jimmy claimed to prefer antiques made of wood, especially furniture such as cabinets, chairs, tables and so on. Not surprisingly, most of the items collection is furniture.

"I am pleased to see the goods of wood, especially if it is laid," he smiled.

Jimmy still remember, when his hobby to antiques passionate, could make the owner kostnya stifling. "Do not buy goods, later filled my house," said Jimmy given reprimand him when the owner of the boarding house.

However, the spirit of Jimmy to collect old items, continues to this day. Most lots of antiques was obtained in Java. While still active as a civil servant and is often served out of town. "Most of the Surabaya, Malang and Semarang," he said.

Until the 1990s, Jimmy thought of establishing a resort with antique atmosphere in Tapanuli. However, because of high land prices, he chose finally buy a house they occupy now and move sebahagian collectibles to Medan. However, these new homes occupied in 1995 after stops working.

In this house, Jimmy now utilize his time more focused with his collection. Any items which saw, took him past her mind's eye witness.

(Coki Simatupang|MID MAGZ)
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